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Comparing business electricity and business gas prices doesn't have to be complicated Cheap Carmelo Anthony Shirt , particularly if you use an independent expert to guide you through the process. However there is a tendency for some commercial energy suppliers to use jargon and acronyms which mean nothing to the average businessperson simply looking to compare business electricity prices. Here's our guide to the abbreviations you might come across when looking to switch commercial electricity:

ARDAgreed Read Dispute. Industry-wide process to resolve problems arising when closing and opening meter readings do not correspond during a business electricity switch or change of tenancy.

AMR Automated Meter Reading. Available from Smart Meters, these readings provide instant and accurate data about commercial electricity consumption.

AQ or AAQ Annual Quantity or Annual Agreed Quantity. An estimate of future consumption of commercial gas, as calculated by the distribution network Cheap Allen Iverson Shirt , Transco.

ASC Authorised Supply Capacity. This only applies to Maximum Demand customers and is the commercial electricity 'load' allowed to be taken to run industrial equipment.

CCL Climate Change Levy. A charge introduced by the Government in 2001 on commercial electricity and gas, intended to encourage less consumption and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

CO2Carbon Dioxide. A greenhouse gas, measured in tonnes Cheap Alex English Shirt , that makes up the Carbon Footprint belonging to each commercial electricity user.

CRCCarbon Reduction Commitment. A scheme designed to improve energy efficiency in large organisations and mandatory for the 5,000 biggest commercial electricity users in the UK.

CVCalorific Value. A measurement of the energy contained in gas and usually quoted in megajoules per cubic metre (MJm3).

DECCDepartment of Energy and Climate Change. Created by the Government in 2008 to 'ensure our energy is secure, affordable and efficient'.

EAC Estimated Annual Consumption. Similar to AQ but for profiling the consumption of commercial electricity Cheap Wilson Chandler Shirt , based on historic billing information. Sometimes known as Calculated Annual Consumption or CAC.

ECOESElectricity Central Online Enquiry Service. A service provided by the electricity suppliers and distribution companies which notifies the relevant organisations when someone is switching commercial electricity supplier.

EU ETS European Union Emissions Trading Scheme. A scheme to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide to meet targets set out in the Kyoto Protocol.

HH Half-Hourly. The name for meters with the profile number '00' that are used by energy-intensive businesses whose average peak electricity demand was greater than 100kW in any three months of the previous year.

KVAKilovoltampere. A unit of power required to run industrial machinery.

KWHKilowatthour. The standard unit to which business electricity prices relate.

LEC Levy Exemption Certificate. Issued by Ofgem to exempt the holder from paying Climate Change Levy in addition to business electricity prices.

LNG Liquefied Natural Gas. Gas cooled so that it condenses into a liquid and can be more easily transported stored.

MD Maximum Demand. The highest expected load drawn from the network by an intensive commercial electricity user. Maximum Demand meter profile numbers begin with '05, 06 07, 08' and usually have their own types of tariff.

MPAN Meter Point Administration Number. Also known as a 'supply number' or an 'S number' Cheap Nikola Jokic Shirt , this is the unique identifying number that can be found on a business electricity price bill. The first two digits give your meter profile (03 or 04 for small businesses, 05 to 08 for maximum demand and 00 for half-hourly.

MPR Meter Point Reference. Similar to above but for gas - ie it is the unique identifying number of a commercial gas supply. It is 10 digits and can be found on a bill.

MSNMeter Serial Number. A unique number used to identify a meter which will be displayed on the front of most meters.

MTCMeter Time Switch Code. Provides information about your business electricity meter (like the number of dials it has) and which tariffs it supports. EG It may support two rate tariffs for day-and-night consumption.

OFGEMOffice of Gas and Electricity Markets. The organisation set up to regulate and promote competition within the deregulated energy industry.

PP10HM Revenue & Customs form to claim exemption or discount from the Climate Change Levy (CCL).

ROC Renewable obligation certificate. Holds details of exactly how a unit of renewable electricity was produced, who produced it and who bought the electricity.

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