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Copy Success Marketing Articles | January 4 Chaussures Nike Air Max 720 Noir Orange Homme France , 2005
Copy Success!Don't be ashamed to bea "Copycat".Most everything that is worthwhile today is an approximate copy of something that camebefore it.Examine the sales materials of your competitors and notic...

Copy Success!
Don't be ashamed to bea "Copycat".Most everything that is worthwhile today is an approximate copy of something that camebefore it.Examine the sales materials of your competitors and notice what is selling for them, then copy it. There is nothing illegalabout this. If something is selling for the other guy, then that same "something" should sell just as well for you, all other factors being equal. However you must recognize that when too may people try to sell the same product, using the same advertising tactics Chaussures Nike Air Max 720 Noir Anthracite Homme France , etc., a vicious competitive circle oftendevelops. Therefore you should vary your programs just enough so that you are not locked into such a situation.
When you examine the program or product of your competitor, pay
particular attention to any weaknesses, then when you "copy" it
you can make yours superior.What your are really doing is copying a successful idea and making your product or service better than the original put out by your competitor.
Since most people will not necessarily switch from one product to another unless they have a good reason, such as price or quality Chaussures Nike Air Max 720 Celestine Bleu Argent Homme France , they will purchase your product only when they think it is better priced or is superior. By making a small change in
the right direction in your "Copy" you can capture the market. So remember both sides of the "Copycat" equation... find out what others are selling successfully and how they are
accomplishing it, then be slightly different in compiling and selling your own products or programs. If you can convince people that you are the exclusive source for a particular
product or piece of information, they will be looking towardyou, not your competitor.

Andrew Clacy
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Guinea pigs and humans share a history of more than 10 Chaussures Nike Air Max 720 Aurora Borealis Homme France ,000 years. The cavy originated in Central and South America. In the wild, their domain extended throughout Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. The cavy was domesticated by the Inca Indians somewhere around 7 Chaussures Nike Air Max 720 Homme Noir Verte France ,000 or 8,000 years ago. They were used as not only a food source but also as a sacrificial animal - sacrificed to the sun god - in religious ceremonies.

In the wild, guinea pigs lived in small groups or herds. For this reason, they are inherently social creatures and do not do well if kept in solitude. It is recommended that they be kept at least in pairs.

Cavies first made their way back to Europe on the ships of Spanish conquistadores during the 1500s. They eventually also came to Holland, England and France. At first Chaussures Nike Air Max 720 KPU TPU Homme Grise Argent France , these pets were reserved only for the wealthy and elite. They were much too expensive for anyone but the rich. But their ability to reproduce so quickly soon made the European supply of guinea pigs swell. As the price fell, popularity of the little beast increased as they became affordable to the common people of Europe. It was not until the 1800s - more than 300 years after it landed in Europe - that the cavy finally made its way to the United States.

Sadly, in the mid 1800s, the cavy was put to use in laboratories as a research test subject. In fact, it was used so extensively for this purpose that its name eventually became synonymous with this function. Fortunately for the guinea pig Chaussures Nike Air Max 720 KPU TPU Verte Noir Homme France , this usage has dropped off in recent years as laboratories turn to other rodent species for these purposes.

In any event, it is not known for certain how the guinea pig received its name. It is obviously not a pig, nor is it from Guinea. People have speculated that perhaps roasted guinea pigs reminded Europeans of suckling pigs (piglets). Others suggest that the cavy may have been transported to Europe on ships from the port of Guiana. Others feel that the guinea pig's squeal may have reminded people of a pig's squeal. In the end, the origin of the guinea pig's unusual name has most likely been lost to us forever.

The proper name for the guinea pig is the cavy (pronounced kay-vee). This name is derived from the scientific name: Cavia porcellus. Technically speaking, guinea pigs are caviomorphs. Caviomorphs are South American rodents who share the following characteristics: a single pair of mammary glands Chaussures Nike Air Max 720 KPU TPU Rouge Blanche France Homme , four toes on each front foot and three toes on each back foot.

The history of the guinea pig has been intertwined with that of humans for thousands of years. The cavy was first domesticated as early as 5,000 B.C. by the Inca Indians of South America. They were brought to Europe in the sixteenth century and they made their way across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States of America in the 1800s. And today they have taken their place, here in North America, as one of our most favorite pets.

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